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A bit about us

                        Turning Interest Into Action

Norma Price was a writer who moved to northern Michigan in 1977. Once settled into her new home she found herself missing the contact she had enjoyed with other writers “down below”. A seed was planted and when presented with a free ad in the local paper, Norma advertised for others in the vicinity that might be interested in   forming a writer’s group. Stanley Pierce of Mio, and Brenda Wilga of Alger responded.

Later that year, Norma, a contender in the 1977 Writer’s Digest Contest and due to be a winner, was interviewed by the Bay City Times. This interview generated a lot of mail from various parts of the state. One of those who wrote was Alice Baldwin. Norma and Alice meet in a local restaurant, and the two decided with the addition of Stanley and Brenda they had the nucleus of a writer’s group. In March of 1978, Norma wrote a letter to prospective members and published it in the local newspaper. 

“If you are an active writer, published or unpublished, and are interested in being a part of a Writer’s Club in the mid-Michigan area, read on! There will be an organizational dinner at the Red Lantern Restaurant in St. Helen on March 29 at 6:30 pm.  A temporary chairman will be selected, and a permanent meeting place discussed. If you would like to be a part of this forming group, call Norma Price…….”

Thus over 42 years ago, Mid-Michigan Writers was born. Since that time a lot of changes have occurred. We are no longer just a “club”. As a non-profit 501 3 C group we have grown into one of the best and most productive writer’s groups in the state of Michigan promoting writers and writing in Michigan’s northern lower peninsula.  


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